Young people like to celebrate Halloween. This cheerful pagan festival does not involve obligatory gifts and any attributes. All you need is an original costume, funny Halloween decor, and a cheerful mood. Here you find the latest and unique Halloween Greetings, Poems and SMS.

Halloween Poems.¬†Anyone who has a sense of humor and sympathizes with evil spirits will love the original poems for All Saints’ Day. You can easily memorize them or read them from a scroll, an old parchment in a noisy company, at a party:

Halloween Greetings – Poems and SMS

Halloween Greetings - Poems and SMS

1. On this terrible terrible night
, We will drive all the evil spirits away,
We will put on scary masks,
Don’t think – these are not fairy tales!
To drive away evil spirits on Halloween –
Let the whole world become one whole!
We will drive all evil into darkness,
And we will return beauty to our lives!

2. Every citizen knows
Halloween is waiting for us at night!
You are not afraid of scary faces,
masks, fiery eye sockets.
On this holiday, all horror stories
turn into mixers.
Get you, sweets –
Monsters are knocking on you – kids.
Halloween goes around the world –
Adults and children know!
Congratulations on this day to the
Ghosts, terrible witches, the
Dead and ghouls,
Who come in night fears!
Today we are not afraid, We
meet them – we have fun!

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3. On this terrible night, stay at home,
And don’t look at the dark street, Sinister
shadows crawl out of the darkness,
Witches brew their dead potion in cauldrons.
They really want to destroy the whole world,
And in the street at night they scream and rumble,
And while they roam the dark streets –
You hide in bed under a huge blanket.
And all the devils and demons will not get you,
And in the morning they will melt, obscurantists.
After all, Halloween will pass when the sun rises,
And all the horror from our world will go away!

4. If on the street it suddenly seems to you,
As if you saw a lady with a scythe.
And in my head, everything does not settle down,
Who is this pale uncle?
If you meet in a sober mind,
a Demon with a huge red claw,
Do not rush to look for a spell!
It’s Halloween – such a holiday!


5. Forget about cosmetics, at least for a day, Forget about a
hair dryer and hair for three days,
In shabby slippers and a tattered robe,
Grabbing a broom, exhale – and go!
Leave the house like an uncombed fury, Hiding
a bag for a sweet reward,
And boldly walk along the familiar avenues,
Entering all passers-by into a steady shock.
You will look in a similar outfit as the
a personification of female evil.
And I, not bothering to iron “Eve’s dress”,
I’ll follow you in what my mother gave birth to!
A little alcohol, some snacks,
And we’ll take home a couple of vampires…
We’ll celebrate Halloween in a purely Russian way,
Waking up in the morning with someone else’s ghoul.